Floyd Mayweather Bet $3 Million On Himself To KO Conor McGregor, But Claims He Still Went Easy On Him

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It has been about a month since the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight, which, arguably, was the most anticipated boxing match in the past four years or so. But, even after the now retired, undefeated Mayweather won by TKO against the MMA star, McGregor, that hasn't stopped him from getting questions about it.


Speaking to the “Hollywood Unblocked” podcast, Floyd Mayweather wasn't holding back in giving out his thoughts — which is pretty standard, as the dude speaks his mind. But, what Mayweather said is a little bit shocking, even for him, as the fighter said he actually took it easy on his opponent during their bout because he didn't want to cause Conor McGregor long-term brain damage.

“He has a career. You know, he still has a career. He’s still young,” Mayweather said on the “Hollywood Unblocked” podcast.

"We have to think about these fighters. Even, like, my uncle Roger. Right now, I just got a call just before I came here. He keeps walking off, wandering off. No one can find him. He ends up in a hospital. So, brain damage – it happens. It happens.”

Now, does this make sense? Of course, as there's a bit of an unwritten rule in boxing for fighters to avoid being dirty, limiting the amount of blows another man has to take. Hell, even as Mayweather pummeled McGregor with a bunch of punches in the 10th round — prior to the referee stepping in — he avoided that one major blow that would've sent UFC's brightest star to the canvas. Was that actually by design, though?

According to Mayweather, yep, it sure was. It's just hard to believe that, in the spirit and heat of the moment, an athlete will be that self-aware and "ease up" against his competition. We're not going to go as far as calling it B.S., but it sure doesn't seem like a legend like Mayweather would just pull up and go through the motions.

Also playing a factor in all of this is the suggestion that Floyd Mayweather actually placed a $3 million on himself to knockout Conor McGregor. That's according to Mayweather's buddy, rapper 50 Cent, who said as much during a radio show appearance with Hot 97 the other day, via UPROXX:

Host: “Do him and Conor love each other secretly?”

50 Cent: “Nah, he really don’t like him,” 50 replied, revealing the two FaceTime regularly. “He really don’t. All that he was getting away with, saying, touching his head and all that. Floyd did not like that. He went to the Sportsbook to bet $3 million dollars on himself knocking McGregor out. That’s why I knew, I said go get that money, he gonna kill him.”

So, if that's true, does anyone in their right mind actually think Floyd's claim that he held back on McGregor is true? Hell no! Not when there's that much money on the line.

Now, there were some people who swept up some cold hard cash after betting on Mayweather — like Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian — so it sounds as if the undefeated boxer just wanted a little piece of the money pie.

Anyway, after a massive payday from the fight and now enjoying retirement after a perfect 50-0 career fight record, Floyd Mayweather's showing off a new house in Beverly Hills that he's been relaxing in. As you might expect, it's lavish as f-ck!

Man, Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be playing us all to come across as a "nice guy" by not going all in on Conor McGregor, but we're never going to buy it. Sort of like how none of us will ever be able to buy a house like Floyd's flaunting all over Instagram.


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