Flushing Sodium Down A Toilet Creates A Homemade Bomb That's Friggin' Crazy (Video)

Image via YouTube

Just a few days ago, we showed you what happens when putting liquid nitrogen into a plastic bottle—spoiler alert: it's a wild explosion—but another experiment popped up online this weekend that delivers just as much, if not more, of a blast.

That's because some smart, and very daring, people tested out dropping blocks of sodium into a toilet, with the reaction being loud and dangerous—so don't ever try this at home.


So, yeah, let's just hope none of us eat a bunch of sodium before heading to the bathroom to do our business, otherwise, BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

Again, don't try this kind of stuff on your own, guys, we enjoy your company too much to see you lose a limb... or worse.

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