Samsung Finally Plans To Release A Bendable Galaxy Note This Year

Image Via YouTube/IndVideos

With all of the technological smartphone advances in the past few years — hell, that past few months! You'd think a bendable/foldable device would already exist but, no dice! It seems however, all that is about to change as Samsung has commented on their newest project for 2018. According to the Associated Press

"Samsung Electronics Co. said Tuesday it aims to launch a foldable smartphone next year under its Galaxy Note brand. Koh Dong-jin, president of mobile business at Samsung Electronics, said the company is setting its eyes on 2018 to release a smartphone with a bendable display. But he said there are several hurdles it has to overcome, leaving room to push back the release if those problems are not solved."

I use the term newest loosely, as a foldable Samsung phone has actually been in the works as early as 2013, when the company showcased their first flexible prototype, Youm. The ad below is painfully corny, but the concept itself was way ahead of its time — proving that Apple hasn't always had the monopoly on innovative technology (and er, they still don't).



See what I mean by corny? I almost couldn't watch. Still, a flexible smartphone could remedy a lot of issue the current consumer market is facing — breaking, shattering, cracking the phone in half after a particular intense text-fight with a significant other — you know, things of that nature. What? We've all been there before, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!

Lead Image via YouTube/IndVideos

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