Foo Fighters Surprised Fans By Dropping New Single, 'Run', With Video

Image Via Shutterstock

All you Foo Fighters fans get ready to have your mind blown! After a nearly 3-year hiatus, the band has finally a new single and music video. It's called, "Run", and was directed by Dave Grohl himself. Take a look—



Pretty damn amazing if you ask me! The Foo Fighters have managed to be the type of band with music that transcends time, a feat that isn't easy to accomplish. It's not hip, or hokey—it's a sound all to their own and should be respected as such. Of course, true fans know this already, so I'm merely preaching to the choir. The great news is that the guys will be touring a bunch the rest of 2017!

As per Consequence of Sound here are The Foo Fighters 2017 tour dates—

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