Feeling Sluggish Lately? It Might Be Your Diet! These Are The Top Foods That Cause Fatigue

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Do you find yourself feeling lethargic throughout the day even after getting a good night's sleep? Chances are it has to do with your diet. Now, we hate to be the food police, but the only way to remedy this situation is to buckle down and reevaluate what you're eating. That's not to say you have to completely eliminate these foods from your diet, but we do recommend that you at the very least, cut down on them.

Of course, the foods were about to list are some of the simplest and most delicious to eat. Funny how life works, huh? Wouldn't it be amazing to live in an alternate universe where kale makes you fat and pasta keeps you trim? Man, that's a world we want to live in, but, we digress. That's not the case and eventually, especially as you get older, it's important to put your health and fitness first.

Generally the foods that cause fatigue are sweets and starchy carbohydrates because they cause your blood sugars to fluctuate. For the purposes of being super informative, and, you know, convincing you to change your diet, we'll go ahead and rattle off a few! If it makes you too depressed, no worries, you're not alone! Maybe go ahead and start rationing these foods on Monday. Live it up this weekend!

Foods That Cause Fatigue

Are you crying yet? Because, to be honest, we shed a tear or two. Seeing cookies and cake pretty much sent us over the edge. We really wish we could console ourselves with a big bowl of pasta at the moment, but, a las, the day isn't over and we have things to accomplish! Make better health choices, y'all, you'll be thankful in the long run.


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