Libido Feeling A Little Lackluster? Adding These Foods To Your Diet Will Revolutionize Your Bedroom Game

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Sometimes intensifying your sex life isn't as complicated as buying toys and oils. Sometimes a simple change in your diet will do the trick. According to a nutritionist at The Sun, these 20 foods and beverages will balance your hormones and boost blood flow to the pelvis. Sounds good to us! I mean, who doesn't like some quality blood flow to the pelvis? Additionally, we've got some foods that will definitely ruin the crap out of that quality blood flow — no bueno, my friends, no bueno.

In the spirit of boiling down things for our readers, we went ahead and found the 10 most, er, well, tolerable. Some of the options were a bit rank. Who wants salmon and mushroom breathe in the bedroom?











What Not To Eat:


"Oysters and other shellfish can absorb the toxins and parasites in the ocean, which can often outweigh the benefits of zinc."

Processed Baked Goods

"Baked goods contain saturated trans fats that wreak havoc on human cells, including the immune system," say Drs. Clement. "They surround the cells, coagulating them so that vital food glucose can't be absorbed and remains in the blood, raising blood sugar and lowering libido.


"The Clements say that the lactic acid in dairy and oxygen-destroying elements can squash a libido at any level, so try to limit the creamy stuff to three times per week. "

Image Via VASA Fitness

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