Forbes' List Of The Highest-Paid Dead Celebs Of The Year Will Definitely Make You Upset

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For all you suckers who schlep into work from early in the morning to way-too-late at night, doing whatever it takes not to go crazy over your annoying coworkers and demanding clients, the list that Forbes just released will only make you even more pissed off.

That's because, yep, these celebrities are still getting paid a ton of money off of royalties and such—even though they're six-feet under. Here's the list from 10-1.

The list is full of recently deceased celebrities like singer Prince and golfer Arnold Palmer—who both passed away in the past five months. But what's crazy is the consistent earning power of people like Albert Einstein (who died in 1955), John Lennon (1980) and Bob Marley (1981).

Let's face it, though, the fact that Michael Jackson still earned a reported $825 million in 2016 is the one that stands out the most. Dude really was a King of Pop—and the King of the Paycheck after seeing this.

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