Forget Rice, This Is What To Really Do When Your Phone Gets Drenched

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We've probably all been there at some point in our lives — some of us, more than just once — where we, for whatever reason, find ourselves with a soaking wet cell phone phone. While the initial reaction is panic and rage over what might have just happened, we all immediately wonder if the thing can be salvaged, willing to do all the tricks in the book in order to get our precious phone dry.

While most people rely on the popular rice trick — which requires a bowl of uncooked rice for the wet phone to sleep on overnight — that's actually not a reliable solution, per Wonder How To.

Here are some things you should do, though — which could save your phone the next time it's drenched.

Power Off Your Phone

This might seem like a no-brainer, but, all too often, it's a step that many of us forget about doing. Since any moisture will short-circuit the phone, turning it off will prevent any further damage. After turning it off, do not turn it back on, charge it or connect it to other devices until it's completely dry.

Take Out The Battery And SIM Card

Much like turning it off, removing the battery and SIM card will help eliminate any further damage to the inside of the phone. No matter how wet the phone is, you don't want to let the inside stuff soak in more water—even if you think it's all dry.

Go Get It Repaired

Going to an electronics repair shop might cost some money, but, as long as it's less than a price of a new phone, it's worth a shot! Of course, to even have a chance at salvaging the phone, you'll need to do this as soon as possible, with the chances of a successful repair and recovery higher the sooner you get it looked at. A little more bit of advice here: Look for repair shops with ultrasonic cleaners.

Use Silica Gel

OK, so you know you've got to get the moisture out—hence why you've probably used rice in the past—but the best option for that is to use those little gel packs that come in new clothing like shoes and jackets. Chances are high that you'll need to go to a craft shop to buy some, but, trust us, it's worth storing them in case of emergency.

Wait 48 Hours To Turn It Back On

After having it dry out, go ahead and try to turn it back on. Regardless of what happens, take it to the Apple Store and see if they can back it up for you.

Of course, more and more phones are coming out that are waterproof, but for those who have yet to jump on the new phone craze, these steps will help you save a water-damaged phone.

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