How To Survive A Dog Attack (Described By A Former Navy SEAL)

Image via Instagram/gralizzybear

I'm not saying I dislike dogs, but I'll admit that crossing paths with a pup that's unfamiliar with me while walking and is on its own isn't something I often look forward to. That's not to say it's going to jump out and attack me, but, for some paranoid reason, that's where my mind goes—maybe I had a bad experience years ago, or something?

Regardless of why stray dogs freak me out, there's one thing that I'm sure of—if one happens to attack me, I've got no idea what the hell to do without just running away.

It's a terrifying situation for someone to find him or herself in, a dog attack, when those sharp teeth of theirs are just prime to take you down, leaving you bloodied and confused as to what to do next.

Well, thanks to Business Insider's YouTube—who talked to former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson—we now have an idea as to what you should do if a canine lunges at you and wants to rip you to pieces for lunch.


As Emerson states in the video, it's important to first make sure the dog isn't just growling or barking at you, but has that frightening look of actually attacking you, which should lead you to using something like a shirt, jacket, or a purse to help distract the dog from vital body parts. Above everything, protect your major arteries on the ulna and radial side at all costs.

For those brave enough to try and actually fight back, Clint Emerson says to punch the dog in the nose—similar to what's described when trying to survive a shark attack.

Hopefully, you're never in a situation even closely similar to this, but, if a stray pup does attack you, now you have some idea how to survive it.


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