Former NFL WR Chad Johnson Gives A+ Dating Advice For Those Struggling With The Ladies

Image via YouTube/TMZSports

For those who might be having some trouble with the ladies, former NFL wideout and Twitter extraordinaire Chad Johnson is happy to lend some advice, as he wants to let us know that impressing a woman doesn't necessarily mean dropping a bunch of cash on her.

Johnson, who talked to TMZ Sports in NYC, dropped some tips on where to take dates and be frugal while doing it.


For those who don't know, Chad is just about the biggest fan of McDonald's—well, outside of this lady—as he often tweets about Mickey D's breakfast, even talking about how he used to eat from the fast-food chain on the reg while still in the league.

Look, a fancy restaurant is great and all, but nothing's better than stuffing down a couple greasy burgers to keep things light and interesting.

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