Former WWE Wrestler Mick Foley Shares Nasty Scar From Hip Surgery That'll Make You Dry Heave

Image via YouTube

Back during the '90s, I remember being one of the biggest wrestling fanatics ever, not only going to a number of WWE live events, but, as mentioned here before, even creating a F'in wrestling "league" with a bunch of buddies during middle school that included customized entrance songs and special finishers.

Yeah, my friends and I all had quite the imaginations. What, you guys didn't do the same thing? I don't blame you.

While you may not have gone to such great lengths to show your fanaticism for wrestling, there's a good chance that you tuned in as much as possible, watching some of the insane things those athletes put their bodies through.

And who did more damage to himself during a match than one of the most badass wrestlers to ever step into a ring, Mick Foley?

Known for pretty much kicking his own ass, Mick was so hardcore that he even survived being tossed through a 20-foot cage by The Undertaker during one of the most epic "King of the Ring" matches ever. So, yeah, the dude has some high pain tolerance.


Still, as numb as he is to that type of stuff, Mick Foley still endures injuries—and, at 51 years old, his body might be paying the price for all the beatings it took back during his wrestling career.

Prime example? A recent hip replacement surgery that he had, which left him with one nasty scar... and, of course, he shared it with us all on his Facebook page because that's what people do these days, right?

Now, I remember watching this dude bite through his own lip and laugh it off—so something tells me this "minor" hip surgery isn't anything too bad for him. However, for the rest of us people, it's pretty nasty and would, no doubt, leave us bedridden for a good week or so.


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