Four Guys Used A Ladder To Sneak Into Super Bowl LI And Documented The Whole Friggin' Thing

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With all the security that these big-time sporting events have, you'd never think anyone, let alone four guys, would be able to finagle their way into, arguably, the hottest ticket in town. I mean, shit, tickets to Super Bowl LI between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots were reportedly averaging about $4,700 on the secondary market, but a group of dudes figured out a way to get in for free.

And they were able to document the entire expedition.


The video details how the guys used a ladder they found on the side of the road to, somehow, hope a fence to get into NRG Stadium in Houston where the game was played, bypassing the heavy security to see the Pats make history by overcoming a 25-point deficit to win their fifth Super Bowl title since 2001.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen something like this happen, as we told you about the two kids who made fake media passes to crash UFC 202 back in August, which came after another guy was able to pull a similar move to attend Game 7 of the NBA Finals over the summer.

Again, with the abundance of security guards at these things, many of which are armed with rifles and acting undercover, you wouldn't think it'd be this simple for anyone—let alone a group of people—to pull something like this off.

Oh well, more power to the brave souls who both attempt and execute something like this, because it's a ballsy proposition that could end much worse if their mission fails.

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