Frisky High School Teacher Fired After Being Found In Her Car With A Teenage Student

Image via WBRZ

It has been quite some time since we last reported a sex scandal that involved a bad teacher and a teenage student. But, because it's 2017 now and this type of stuff's still happening, we just had to fill you in on one of the more recent instances of teachers gone wild.

This one comes to us from False River Academy in New Roads, Louisiana, where a 23-year-old, recently married teacher by the name of Skylar Russell used to teach gym and science class, as well as serve as the school's girls basketball coach. Key words: "used to."

That's because, according to WBRZ, Ms. Russell was recently fired after being found in her car with an underage student outside of his house.

Police said the teacher's car was found in a parking lot on Olinde Street late one night this week after someone complained about a suspicious vehicle. When police arrived, they found Russell and a teenage student in the car together. The pair were fully clothed, but police made the decision to issue a summons after interviewing the two.

Investigators are going through the phones of both Russell and the student. The police chief said charges could be upgraded.

Now, somehow, cops concluded that the two never did get down and dirty—which, we're unsure of how they were able to get to that point. That said, the school was a little more straightforward, firing Skylar Russell in light of the incident, with the Principal of the school saying, "This sort of behavior certainly won't be tolerated."

Among those unsurprised by the arrest of the teacher? A former student at the school, who had this to say to WBRZ:

"She just didn't seem right as a teacher in my opinion," Laird Lavespere said. "She was too young kind of, fresh out of high school. She was always touchy with students giving hugs all the time."

Yeah, hugging kids while at school is a little weird, but being found in a car outside of the child's house is ever strangers, so it seems as if Skylar got what she all but asked for by putting herself in a creepy position.


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