The Best News Bloopers From March Leave Us Hopeful That Live TV Will Never, Ever Change

Image via YouTube

Until the end of time, we will continue to laugh at the hilarious mishaps that occur on live TV, with people stumbling over their own words, falling on their asses, unexpectedly being videobombed by strangers in the background and, of course, all those sexy mistakes that happen—like when a cow licks a reporter's boob!

That said, isn't part of what makes live TV so wonderful the fact that anything can—and, in most cases, will—happen? Of course it is!

And because that's the case, like we've done in previous months, we're giving you the best news bloopers from the month of March to relive those moments when the news resembled more of a whacky reality show than something so serious. Have a look!


Ah, yes, these are the types of things that really make us want to be lazy and sit around on the couch doing nothing but watching TV—especially if wild shit like this is going to happen again and again.

We may not know what's going to happen in an hour or what the month of April might have in store, but one thing's most definitely certain: as long as there's live TV, there are going to be ridiculous bloopers—so keep your eyes peeled for them on local and national channels, fellas.

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