Trick Or TWEET?!? The Funniest, Most Honest Tweets About Halloween

Image Via Netflix

Good afternoon ghouls and ghosts. God, that was corny. Let's start over — Happy almost Halloween, guys! With everyone's favorite spooky holiday just days away we thought it would be a good idea to assemble some of the funny Halloween tweets out there on the web for y'all to read. Why? Well, because the older you get, the less magical Halloween becomes. Frankly, it's really just become yet another excuse to drink booze. Oh, except..you know, you get to drink booze in a costume. Nothing better than blacking out dressed like a demented clown, right?!

Anyway, given that this holiday has lost a lot of its childlike wonder, why not bring back some of that magic by way of 31 laugh out loud tweets? Speaking of children, these tweets aren't exactly PG-13, so please, keep them away from the little ones — we refuse to be responsible for your sh*tty parenting, and or babysitting skills.

Without further adieu, grab some candy, crack open a pumpkin beer and get to reading. Our advice? If you're at work, just head to the bathroom. This article could easily kill a half hour or so if you read slowly — #ProTip.

Pretty legit stuff, no? I think if nothing else we can all agree that the #HalloweenStruggle as an adult is REAL. Don't y'all wish you could just go back to the days of frolicking around town after school trying to get as much candy as possible (and not puking) before retiring home to a scary movie? Technically speaking, you could still do all that...but, you'll likely get arrested.

Image Via Netflix

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