17 Examples Of Things You Can Say In Bed AND During A Job Interview, Because, Why Not?

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With the exception of niche porno-flicks, there's generally very little crossover between the bedroom and the boardroom. I mean, logistically all of the things below can 100% be said during a job interview, and consequently during a blowjob, or more specifically full-on sex (full-on sex sounds fairly cheesy in retrospect, but I'm going to run with it).

Leave it to the beautiful people of Reddit to really do the damn thing—who comes up with this stuff?! Never once have I thought to myself, "Hm, what can I say to my prospective employer that I can also say to a woman I'm inside of/man that's inside of me (I don't do both, I'm just being gender-inclusive here).

Thank you Redditor, ---Speed--- for the entertaining thread!

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