People Got A Lot Of Random Sh*t Stuck Inside Themselves In 2017 (Including Their Butts)

We've all seen funny x-ray photos before, where the images show some wild things that are lodged inside a person. But, would you believe it if we told you about some of the stuff humans were capable of getting stuck inside various body parts of theirs during 2017?

Thanks to the good folks over at Deadspin, we now have some answers — but we really need some explaining — because the items people got stuck inside of their throats, ears, noses, butts, penises and vaginas are absurd. Luckily, there aren't any funny x-ray pics to make us barf, either.

We really hope you weren't one of the unfortunate victims of these, because, wow, this just seems inhumane. On the plus side, it's hilarious to laugh at!


See all the wild things people got stuck inside of themselves this year in the pics below.