Gabrielle Union Calls Out Husband, Dwayne Wade, For Blowing A Dunk And It's Hilarious

Image Via Instagram/gabunion

I'm not trying to throw stones here, but I've gotta say, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade are easily The NBA's most adorable couple. Yes, yes, even cuter than Steph and Ayesha Curry. Sorry, not sorry! You can argue me on this until you're blue in the face and I'm not going to budge on my stance. Then again, how many dudes really discuss the 'cuteness factor' associated with sport's couples. I'd venture to say not too many, but you never know! Come on, just look at them!

Perhaps I'm partial to Union and D-Wayde because of Gabrielle's role in the 2000 classic, Bring It On. What can I say? As a eight-year-old girl watching, Isis was a badass cheerleader from Compton who took no shit and that's basically all I ever wanted from my life. Really, to this day, that's what I want from life. I don't know much about Dwayne's skills on the court, but I'm assuming he's pretty good if people care THIS much about him missing a dunk-shot. Is it called a dunk-shot? I sure hope so.

Also, can we take a minute to acknowledge the fact that Union has not aged in 17-years. Seriously, the woman is FLAWLESS. Again, possibly why I'm partial to her and Wade, but I digress. The two have been married for 3-years and unless you've been living under a rock, it's safe to say you're aware that Gabrielle is an actress and Dwayne (#3) is the shooting guard for The Chicago Bulls.

During yesterday's Game One between The Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics, Wade came up short trying to dunk the ball.

Naturally, fans and trolls alike took to Twitter to share their opinions calling Wade a has-been or old man, but none were funnier than his beautiful wife's retort. It's an important lessons, fellas! Remember to put the damn seat down and bad things won't happen.


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