Adult Smarter, Not Harder: Cool Household Gadgets Every Man Should Own

Image Via CNET

Whether you're 25 or 45, adulting isn't fun—point blank. Why isn't it fun? I mean, is that even a question? How's about you sit back and relax for the next 10-hours as I embark on a maniacal diatribe about how growing up is a trap and that, essentially, we're put on this earth to pay bills and die. No? Doesn't sound fun? Yeah, I didn't think you guys would go for it either. I don't mean to get all aggro, I just happen to think that the certain responsibilities generally associated with adulthood—i.e. cooking, cleaning, generally maintaining a presentable, habitable residence—are BO-RING.

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Question is, do they have to be? I mean, is there in fact a way to augment these seemingly yawn-worth duties and turn them into something, dare I say, fun? You bet your bottom-dollar there is! It's called new technology, folks.

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Sure, nothing on this list can really be considered a toy, but hey! We're talking about adulting here, there has to be some compromise. From keeping your floor clean to making a bomb.com dinner for your fam—these cool household gadgets are something every man should own!

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