The 9 Coolest Gadgets In The World Right Now

Image Via UUNI North America

It wasn't until recently that I started deep-diving on the internet for the latest and greatest that the tech and gadget world has to offer. Frankly speaking, I never had much interest in the subject. My idea of high-tech was my iPhone being able to connect to my car, you know, like bluetooth — not very advanced in 2017 by most people's standards. Then one day I decided that it would be in my best interest as a writer to see what's out there! I mean, what's the worst that could happen — I learn something? Oh, the horror!

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As it turns out, I love this stuff. I think it's amazing that there's an enormous market of products, on products, on products designed with the sole purpose of making your life easier! What could be better? Some of these gadgets are cool in a real badass, Bruce Wayne way. Others are cool in a simplistic, everyday life way. In either event, these are 9 I've chosen for this bi-weekly series we'll be running here on FHM. Stay tuned, Gentlemen and enjoy the items below!

UUNI 3 Wood-Fired Oven With A Stone Baking Board — $229.00

— Via UUNI North America

Monster Firecracker Hi-Def Bluetooth Speaker — $129.00

— Via The Daily Want

Evelots Self Stirring Battery Operated Mug — $10.99

— Via Amazon

Kaliber FOKUS Gaming Mouse — $49.95

— Via Gadgets4Guys

GlowBowl Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight — $9.86

— Via Amazon

Gladius Ultra HD 4K Underwater Drone — $599

— Via The Daily Want

US Patrol Hidden Wall Safe Secret Stash Electrical Plug — $8.80

— Via Amazon

13-in-1 Ergonomic Design Metal Construction Wood Inlay Handle Multifunctional Hammer Axe Tool — $13.33

— Via Amazon

Simicore USB Charging Station Dock & Organizer for Smartphones, Tablets & Other Gadgets — $34.99

— Via Amazon

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