Not Feeling The Whole, 'Skinny-Dude' Look? These Tips For Gaining Muscle Mass Naturally Are Just What You Need

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Personally speaking, I'm not a huge fan of the meaty-dude look. No offense, it's just a personal preference. Similarly to how some men prefer butts to boobs or visa-versa. Women have preferences too! But today isn't about what tickles my fancy, it's about you adorably skinny men out there, who for better or worse are just trying to build a wee-bit of muscle mass. You know, just trying to get your Popeye The Sailor Man on. I get it! Which is why I'm going to tell you how to do it naturally, without the assistance of anything that will undoubtedly lead to ball-shrinkage and bacne.

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As per author Joey Vaillancourt of BodyBuilding.Com which, by given the name, is a very reputable source, this is what you should be doing to get that David Hasselhoff, Baywatch bod you've always wanted. Ew, never mind, let's go with Zac Efron or The Rock in the Baywatch reboot, yeah much better.

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Stop Relying On Supplements

Train Under An Hour

Take It Easy

Change Rep Range Every 3-4 Weeks

Hit The Buffet

We've got some killer food guides that will help you out with this one! What's your preferred junk food? We've got a hotdog guide, burger guide, BBQ guide, food truck guide—your inner-fat kid is doing cartwheels right now, I just know it!

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