Gal Gadot

Full name: Gal Gadot
DOB: April 30, 1985
Place of birth: Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel
Occupation: Actress, Model

Gal Gadot Facts

Won Miss Israel in 2004 and went on to represent her mother nation at Miss Universe in the same year.

Sadly, she got engaged whilst filming car flick Fast & Furious.

Starred as Vince's girlfriend in the popular US series Entourage, and a former lover of Tom Cruise's character in Knight and Day.

She even once found herself on the cover of the New York post.

Why We Love Gal Gadot

This Israeli honey's journey from a village near Tel Aviv to Hollywood (and the pages of FHM) hasn't involved sleeping with sweaty executives or walking eight miles in bare feet. It’s merely been one long game of "Christ. You’re gorgeous. When can you start?"

After representing her country in international beauty competitions, she eventually went on to star in Fast & Furious. But not before a stint undertaking national service in her native Israel. "I wasn’t anywhere near the frontline." Phew. "I was a gymnastic trainer." Hold on, a gymnastic trainer? Does that mean...? "Yes, it does. I can do cartwheels, the splits. I'm very flexible." Gulp.