Gambler Wins $10.7 Million By Playing Penny Slots, So I'm Marching My Ass To Vegas And Testing My Luck

Image via YouTube

As someone who has never won jack shit while gambling, I'm more than just a little pissed off about this story that came out yesterday about a lady at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas winning $10.7 million. Don't get me wrong, kudos to her for getting lucky as hell, but when you hear how she instantly became a millionaire, you may be share in my jealousy.

Apparently, the lady—who hails from Oahu, Hawaii—placed $3 bets on penny slots, continuing to pull the lever until, SURPRISE, she landed the mother of all jackpots and won $10,777,270.51.


According to The Daily Mail, the woman *is" forced to pay a $1 million tax to her home state of Hawaii because of some stupid law they have—even though she didn't win the jackpot there—so that makes me feel a little bit less upset. Still, $10.7 million on fucking penny slots, guys; why can't nice things like this happen to you or me?

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