Fan-Favorite TV Shows That (Inexplicably) Won’t Be Returning Until 2019

To be honest, we'd prefer to have seen Game of Thrones 2020 confirmed over of Game of Thrones 2019, at least that way we could pretend the entire cast was running for President. Instead, we're forced to sit here and act like an entire year without the best show on television is somehow an OK reality. Sigh, can you tell we're all sorts of bummed out about it? The worst part of it all, is that GoT isn't even the only show taking a whole damn year to return. It seems a lot of networks, writers, and actors are following in suit.

What gives, Hollywood?! Do you not realize it's your job to entertain/distract us from the perils of this burning world? Are we really asking for too much? OK, we get it, you have to let your creative process thrive and all that sensitive artist crap, but, come on, 12-months without Daenerys Targaryen is a prison sentence none of us deserve.

As mentioned earlier, GoT is one of many shows taking a hiatus until 2019. The only silver-lining is that all of these programs are available to stream on a number of different ways ranging from HBO GO to Netflix. We pictured the best best place to binge-watch them all below. If we have to wait a whole year, might as well keep ourselves occupied, right?

Lead Image Via HBO

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