13 Times The Women of 'Game of Thrones' Made Us Swoon On Instagram

Image via Instagram/gameofthrones

Coincidently, I think Game of Thrones is one of the few shows men watch with absolutely no motivation to see hot women. That's not to say the women of GoT aren't a HUGE cherry on top of the already kickass series, it's just the show is strong enough without sex appeal. I know that sounds crappy, but showrunners would be lying if they said they didn't beef up casts with attractive actors to better engage audiences/distract them from crappy storylines.

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In complete contrast to everything I just said, today isn't about praising the show's twists, turns, and perfectly executed dialogue—OH AND OF COURSE DRAGONS!! It's about honoring the beautiful women who make us swoon every Sunday night at 9 PM EST!! Well, except the lovely Natalie Dohmer—spoiler alert—her character was axed last season.

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