A YouTuber Compiled All 173,373 Deaths On 'Game Of Thrones' And We're Pretty Emotional Right Now

Image Via HBO

As with all of our Game Of Thrones content, this post is dark and full of spoilers. No, seriously, we're dealing with Game of Thrones deaths this time — no faster way to ruin a series than by knowing who dies. Seriously, if you're not caught up, stop reading. You've been warned. Moving forward, popular YouTuber, Leon Andrew Razon Compilations decided it would be useful to the GoT fandom to compile EVERY. SINGLE. DEATH. the show has even seen seasons 1-7.

Frankly speaking, we think the whole concept is a little, well, twisted. Then again, we're talking about a show riddled with incest and dragons. Twisted is sort of the whole motif, if you will. Go ahead and take a look at the video below, it's pretty friggin' impressive ...oh, and bloody.

That was a lot, yeah? Maybe we should talk this out a bit, you know, so no one leaves the article traumatized or anything. It's one thing to watch the violence in hour-long segments, it's another to see an entire series worth of slaughter all at once. A couple of things:

We can't help but wonder, how big is the death toll going to be by the end of the show? Would it be in poor taste to take bets? Erm, most likely — but it seems more entertaining than fantasy football. We'll circle back with the idea.

Lead Image Via HBO

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