'Game Of Thrones' Casting Call Leaks Continue To Reveal Major Details About The New Season

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A little while back, we revealed to all you Game of Thrones junkies out there some seriously big news that's surely to rock The Seven Kingdoms! 2 new characters were confirmed for Season 8 and luckily for y'all we gave all the details right here! Yes, they're still listed below — don't you worry.

Today, we've got some even crazier news by way of SEVEN new characters confirmed. Let's all take a moment to thank the Many-Faced God for a little thing called — casting call descriptions.

Below you'll find the descriptions for the original two characters confirmed. Stay tuned for the 7 characters to follow...



As per Project Casting, HBO is looking to fill the following 2 roles:

"A Northern Girl. This character is 8-10 years old, was brought up in a family of soldiers, and displays “dauntlessness and integrity.” The role is said to be “very nice stand-out part for a strong-minded young girl with a fighting spirit.”

"A Boy. This character is 8-12 years old, physically fit, and comes from a poor background; kid had to fight to carve out a place for himself in the world. The actor needs to “completely own the scenes that he appears in.” Note that that’s ‘scenes’ with an ‘s’. This character will appear more than once.

Now, it's virtually impossible to know for certain who these characters will be, but there has been a bunch of speculation on the internet surrounding their identities — particularly the Northern Girl. As per a popular Game of Thrones blog, Watchers On The Wall these "new" characters might not be authentically new at all:

"The other possibility, one we can never rule out with these child casting calls, is the idea of another flashback-vision sequence. We saw Lyanna Stark before as a child, and she fits this description well enough. This could be her at an even younger age."

If not a flashback, then what? Well, it's also possible that the Northern Girl is a member of the Mormont family, as the casting description is eerily similar to Lyanna Mormont. Of course, there are additional Northern houses all of which could feature a young daughter — the possibilities are endless, really! The role of the Northern Girl is currently set to shoot during the week of November 17th. So, we'll have to stay tuned for those behind the scenes shots!

As for the boy, far less is known of his role considering his origins weren't shared in the description. Again, Watchers On The Wall have made educated speculations:

"As for the boy, no accent or coloring was specified, which points away from the North. A poor child indicates to me that he’s more likely to pop up in King’s Landing, or even Essos should the show venture back there for some reason. The Westerosi capital is a more likely bet, since the place is crawling with poor children- especially little birds!"

The 2 characters above seem pretty instrumental in the season to come. The 7 descriptions below aren't entirely integral roles, but they do allow viewers to speculate the possible locations for various season 8 plot points.

If there's one thing GoT fans can do, it's take a little leak and turn it into all sorts of theories. Most of which are generally accurate come air time.

Updated Casting Call —

The biggest and perhaps most major casting call leak is that Marc Rissmann of the Last Kingdom Fame will be joining the cast in season 8. He will be playing Harry Strickland, leader of the mercenary group known as The Golden Company. So, why is this any more or less important than the countless other casting leaks?

Well, for a couple of reasons. Remember that by the end of last season, Euron Greyjoy was headed to retrieve The Golden Company as per Cersei's request. Strickland's role confirms that Greyjoy succeeded. Additionally, this casting rules out the theory that Daenerys' flame, Daario Naharis, is NOT the leader of The Golden Company, as many speculated.

Northern farmer

"Aged 25 – 35. He’s a straightforward honest man of simple tastes who works on the land. The role is currently scheduled to shoot the week commencing November 17th."

Sassy and attractive girl

"Aged 18 – 25. The character is a sexy and confident Northern girl playing a good, memorable one-scene part in one episode, playing opposite leading cast. Her part is currently set to shoot the week commencing November 6th.

Northern sentry

"Aged 18 – 25. The show’s looking for a characterful young Northern actor with great timing to play a small part opposite leading cast. This role is currently scheduled to shoot the first week of December."


"Aged 35- 50. He’s a rough-and ready sea-faring type with a weathered face and strong presence. This part is scheduled to shoot the week commencing December 11th."

Guard #1

"20’s, and is physically very fit, able to handle himself in any fight. He’s scheduled to shoot in the first week of December. His looks aren’t specified, coloring-wise, and there’s no mention of accents, so this character could pop up anywhere."

Guard #2

"30’s. They’re looking for an actor that’s tall, and athletic with a military feel. The character is a professional clear-thinking guard who is dependable. The part has two days shooting on November 1st and 2nd in Spain and though it’s a small one-line part, he does interact with leading cast."

That's all we've got for now, folks! Of course, we'll be sure to continue to update this article as soon as more leaks roll through. Until then, Happy Throning!

Image Via HBO: Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 10


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