This Game Of Thrones Photo Is The Only Clue You'll Need To Figure Out The Show's Next Major Death

Image Via Instagram/entertainmentweekly

With season 7 of Game of Thrones just around the corner, fans are freaking out over this new reunion picture from Entertainment Weekly because it may just reveal the next MAJOR character death. To be fair, all of the deaths on GoT are pretty f'in major, but this one will definitely shake up the fandom a bit more than usual.

If you take a closer look, Arya is definitely carrying a blade, but it's NOT her beloved needle. In fact, according to Entertainment Weekly—"Following the release of the images, Redditors noticed that Arya seems to be carrying Littlefinger’s Valyrian steel dagger. We’re pretty sure it’s the same knife because, as Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) says in the HBO show, there’s only one like it in all the Seven Kingdoms."

Here's a closer look—

A Redditor by the handle—JustACookiecat—detailed the journey of the dagger:"Breakdown of the dagger's journey (at least in the books but it's probably the same in the show): Littlefinger lost the dagger to Robert Baratheon at the tourney (not to Tyrion as he claims), then it is implied in the books that Joffrey stole the dagger from the king and sent the assassin to kill Bran with it (both Cersei, Jamie and Tyrion comes to this conclusion). Catelyn takes the dagger and gives it to Ned (who shows it to Varys and LF) and when LF betrays Ned he takes the blade back. When Sansa and LF are in the Vale it's mentioned that he has it with him. If Arya now has the dagger, she would have to either steal it from LF or kill him and then take it. We see her sneaking around indoors in the trailer and looking under furniture, it is possible she could have found it in Baelish's room in Winterfell."

So, in conclusion, we're thinking Littlefinger is going to be the next death in GoT and frankly, I don't know how to feel about that, just yet. One thing I can say definitively is that I frickin' love the internet for theorizing this so perfectly.

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