The Best Of Both Worlds: Epic 'Game of Thrones' Duel Gets Badass 'Star Wars' Makeover (Video)

Image Via YouTube/Omid G

Star Wars and Game of Thrones have about as much in common as hmmm — let's go with cole slaw and potato salad. They serve similar purposes, but through closer inspection you come to realize that they're nothing alike. I mean, sure, you've got your standard good versus evil motif, but go ahead and find me a single popular movie/television show/novel without that and I'll show you failed entertainment.

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That being said, this particular mashup is PURE gold. It could have easily been a failed/cheesy-attempt at combining both franchises, but instead it was wildly entertaining and dare I say, almost better than the real thing. Of course, this isn't the first time someone has thrown lightsabers into a Westerosi universe, but it's by far the most amazing.

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If you're feeling the combination of both worlds as much as I am, you can also check out the edit of The Tower of Joy Battle between Ned Stark and knights of the Kingsguard and the duel between The Mountain and Oberyn, 'The Red Viper', Martell..

Of course, I expect all you die-hard Thrones fans to be keeping up with the latest and greatest of this season. If you didn't see last night's episode, may I politely ask — WTF is wrong with you?! It was by far some of the most riveting television I've ever seen in my life. Well, you know, save for last week's episode, oh, and the week before that. What can I say? It's definitely just one of those seasons where each episode is greater than the last. Gotta love it, my friends!

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