Gamer Loses His Sh*t After A Bizarre Fumble Glitch In 'Madden' Leads To Touchdown

Image via Instagram

Sports video games like Madden NFL Football are supposed to replicate the reality of hard-hitting gridiron action, but, as we all know and have probably experienced, sometimes technology just seems to fail us — and it can lead to some absolutely epic mental breakdowns when it does.


And while we've given you some hilarious video game glitches before, one of the most recent ones will have you rolling on the damn floor laughing, as a Madden gamer completely loses his shit after a bizarre fumble glitch led to an unexpected touchdown for his opponent. (Editor's Note: Video contains strong language).

Oh, man, isn't this the damn worst? Just when you think you've got a sliver of hope, just as a bunch of digital football players are piling on top of one another for possession of the pigskin, some serious B.S. happens that makes you toss your controller and yell expletives.

Something tells us this guy really does hate this game after seeing him get done dirty like he did here. But, hey, on a more positive note, at least something like this didn't happen in real life to this dude's favorite NFL team, otherwise a few swear words and a toss of the video game controller wouldn't have been the reaction.

See, this is why it's so hard to trust technology, because stupid sh-t like this seems to happen when we least expect it — and it drives us all wild!


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