GameStop Launches A Video Game Rental Service And Yep, We're In Heaven

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GameStop's most recent announcement to launch a game rental service has got us feeling all sorts of nostalgic. Remember the good ol' days when you could head over to BlockBuster with your mom. maybe pick out a movie, a game, and some candy? Yeah, us too! Simpler times, guys, simpler times. Of course, that all went to sh-t after Netflix monopolized the movie streaming market, but it was really nice while it lasted. That being said, the public still responds well to a good #ThrowBack.

Just the other day, we were chatting at the office about how we miss BlockBuster dearly. See, everything nowadays is about convenience and while it's freakin' awesome, it's also sort of turning all of us into antisocial sloths. At least if you wanted to binge-watch movies all weekend you had to leave the house to get them! We think GameStop's new mission is old school in the best way and we wouldn't exactly mind receiving a subscription for the holidays this year (in case Santa is reading). According to ExtremeTech:

"Here’s the deal, as first reported by Polygon and confirmed by GameStop: You pay GameStop $60, enroll in its PowerUp Rewards program, and check out as many used games as you like, one game at a time. The program expires after six months and must be renewed, but you get to keep one game you played over the six months as a permanent title.

Uh, that sounds awesome!! Unlimited games for six months at only $60.00 is a steal. Sure, you can only take out one game at a time, but, c'mon — don't get greedy. It's not like you can play more than one a time anyway, right?

"Presumably you can designate this game at any point in the cycle–if you rent The Last of Us as your first game and decide to keep it, you presumably also can’t change that decision, though we’re still missing details on these aspects of the service. The Blockbuster trappings are found in the specific physicality of the deal. You can’t rent a game from GameStop’s online service; you have to go into the store to pick it up."

OK, you have to leave the house, so what? Consider it your daily exercise, will ya please? This is a killer deal and again, would most definitely make a kick-ass gift for the holidays. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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