This 'Generation 2, Gamevice Gaming Controller' Is Everything You Need In Your Life

Image Via YouTube/ConfidentGamers

Do you want to buy a new video game console or do you want to pay your rent? Do you want to buy a new video game console or do you want to feed your children? Do you want to buy a new video game console or do you want to pay off your bookie? Ah, such a conundrum! However will you choose? Easy!

The Gamevice Gaming Controller turns your iPhone into a handheld gaming console. You can purchase the device through Apple. Apparently they have the best deal by 4 cents, which is better than no cents, so appreciate it. Oh, and they'll throw in a $10.00 gift card to boot, because that's just the kinda company they are.

The product is described as:

"Gamevice’s controller for iPhone and iPhone Plus offers classic, truly functional hardware controls that deliver satisfying gaming—whether you're a casual, mainstream, or hardcore gamer. There's no more need for pairing or for balancing your iPhone against a coffee cup to get the right angle for playing with both hands."

Check out this video from the Confident Gamers YouTube channel. They unbox the product which will give you a very clear view of what it's all about.


The controller includes:

The controller is also recommended to be paired with the app which Apple describes as: "The Gamevice Live app aggregates all of the known controller compatible games available on iTunes. The app gives the user a complete list as well as options to filter by category including free or paid titles. Once the user chooses a game they are given in depth information about the game as well as a controller map for that specific game and a helpful link to iTunes to download."

I just saved you a trip to Apple's website, you're welcome. Well, not really actually, because that's where ya gotta go to buy this thing!

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