Meet Georgia Heath, Who Reminds Us Of A Young Sofia Vergara

Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, pointing out that Miss Georgia Heath bares a striking resemblance to a young Sofia Vergara is hardly an insult to Vergara herself. It's a fact of life that people age, and with that, their looks transform. Vergara is still easily one of the hottest women alive, it just so happens she has a doppelgänger of herself circa 20-years-ago, go figure!

I for one couldn't be happier. It's not everyday you come across a beauty like Heath—smoldering brown eyes, a beautiful smile, killer curves. Seriously, she's just about the whole package, with the slight exception that given her Instagram, we're pretty sure she already has a beau. Ah, such is life. It doesn't mean we can't admire from afar (like basically everyone does in 2017).

While almost nearing 8,000 Instagram followers, it's clear that Georgia still has room to grow in the industry, but we know for sure that will soon happen! Before you know it, her social media following will be at Alexis Ren status, and why shouldn't it be?! Clearly, she's a very talented and beautiful model who deserves some more recognition. Why don't you gentleman be the first to hop on the Heath bandwagon?

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