A Scene From Stephen King's 'Gerald’s Game' Is So Grisly That People Are Passing Out From It

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Look, you don't need us to tell you that Stephen King is the the, uh, king of horror stories. After all, this is the same guy with a twisted enough imagination to have given us books and/or movies such as It, The Shining, Carrie and Pet Sematary, among others. But it's one of King's most recent film adaptations, from his book Gerald’s Game, that's causing people some serious dilemmas.

That's because the horror flick has a disturbingly grisly scene so bad that, according to one report, a viewer actually passed out after seeing it at the Fantastic Fest film festival. Guys, that's some seriously scary stuff. In fact, the film, which was directed by Mike Flanagan, is so terrifying that even King himself tweeted out his reactions after first seeing the film earlier this year.

Guys, if Stephen King's freaked out, you know the Gerald’s Game scene has to be all sorts of messed up. For some reason, we can't wait to watch this thing tonight and have a more nightmares than we've ever had before.

Just take a peek at the Gerald’s Game trailer and see for yourself why it's being described as being so intense, and horrific.

Speaking to Slash Film in an interview about the film, here's what director Flanagan had to say about the grisly scene that made someone faint:

When I was reading it for the first time, I had to put the book down. It turned my stomach just reading it. Visually, I don’t think we even took it as far as he took it in the book. I think the hand/glove came just about completely off. For us we had it kind of flop back down afterwards because it was just too grizzly."

"I heard people say, 'Oh my God, it’s even worse than described.' I don’t think it actually is. I think the difference is, for all its description, the thing you never consider is the sound. Because we weren’t really using music in the film almost ever, all that sound design is just front and center."

"That’s kind of what makes it so intense. Even when I would look away while we were shooting it and when we were editing, you can’t get away from the sound. It’s some of the most uncomfortable noise and we just crank it right up. We just wanted to hear every little squish and pop and stretch."

"It’s gnarly stuff. Someone fainted at the Fantastic Fest screening which is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard."

So, yeah, with Halloween just a few weeks away and the month of October filled with creepy things to spook you, the film adaptation of Stephen King's Gerald's Game might be the best way to get scared silly. Just remember, we've warned you.


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