Germany Created An Awkward Sex Website To Encourage Tourists To Shag Their Local Residents

Image via YouTube

There's been a lot of weird news today, but this story about the country of Germany setting up a website to, seemingly, encourage people to have consensual, safe sex with its residents falls high on the list.

Seriously, this is a real thing—and it's really awkward—just look at a screen grab from the site, which can be found here.

Now, the actual reason for the site is a bit confusing, with some news outlets saying it's supposed to be an educational tool for residents, while others—like us—really want to believe that a big country like Germany, which is full of smokin' hot ladies, would build a website to promote sex with its residents.

According to The LADbible, the site was created for about $135,000 by the German Federal Centre for Health Education, with the info ranging from what sex is to why people want to have sex.

I know this is real, but, man, I almost wish it were just a mega troll job by the Germans to lighten the mood of the entire world.

H/T The LADbible