The Chances Of Getting Back With An Ex Comes Down To Three Key Factors (According To Survey)

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While we don't necessarily recommend getting back with an ex, we'd be foolish to believe that it doesn't happen. Hell, it happens everyday! Just look at Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. When it comes to matters of the heart, humans can't be held responsible for their actions. Love, for all intents and purposes, is temporary insanity — write that down.

The folks over at Casino.org decided to put this notion to the test. They surveyed 1,000 Americans about their experiences with love and breaking up. From who ended it to what factors played a role in getting back together, they did a comprehensive overview of all things, well, breaking up. It seems like a depressing study, but surprisingly enough, it offered a lot of clarity and insight (especially if you're grappling with some of these issues at the moment).

Who Calls The Shots?

Before you get back together, you've gotta break up, right? Right! Well, there's obviously a ton of (headache-inducing) factors when it comes to ending a relationship. As the infographic clearly states, your chances of getting broken up with are about the same as doing the breaking up yourself. Of course, the best case scenario is a mutual split, which totals at 31%. Erm, actually, the best case scenario is not breaking up at all.

So, what's the biggest reason for calling it quits? As it turns out — different long term goals! Frankly, we're a bit relieved by that. We thought surely that cheating and excessive drug/alcohol use would fall higher on the list. What? Have you been on social media lately? That's all anyone talks about in 2017.

What Are You Willing To Forgive?

Ah, forgiveness! Such a lovely concept in theory...and a real pain in the ass in practice. That's the thing though, if you're even so much as thinking about getting back with an ex, forgiveness will undoubtedly come into play. Why? Because if you don't successfully forgive an ex (or visa versa) before getting back together — they're going to become your ex all over again, we can promise you that.

According to this survey, there's a few things people are willing to look past in order to get back with an ex and we've gotta say, we tend to agree. For example, 70% would not get back with an ex if they're no longer physically attracted to them. That's solid logic right there. No, it's not shallow. On the other hand, 57% are willing to forgive a cheater. You might've just rolled your eyes and that's fine! But at the end of the day, people mess up and if you're not willing to forgive them, you might just miss out on really loving someone.

Is It Over For Good?

OK, we've discussed why people break up and what they would forgive, but the most important category of all is what has to happen for two people to reconnect. That's where those three key factors in the headline come into play! As the infographic reflects:

The last one does actually feel a little shallow, so we're going to say that "we reconnected as friends" is equally as important as hitting the gym (survey or otherwise, you should still be able to find love with Dad Bod).

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