7 Celebs Who Swear They Had "Relations" With Ghosts — And Uh, Sure, Why Not?

Celebrities like to share some pretty wild stories and most of the time it's just for publicity and attention, but when it comes to tales of real ghost sex (and yes, you read that correctly) there are just some anecdotes that are too weird to be made up. I mean, think about it. If someone was lying about having paranormal sex, don't you think they'd make their story sound realistic? All the quotes we've read about ghostly sexual encounters sound like passages straight out of badly written erotica. But we guess there's more to the phenomenon than we know.

Ghost sex isn't something weird that celebrities and porn stars made up. The technical term for it is "spectrophilia," which is a term used to define situations of arousal caused by atypical objects or situations. In pop culture, it's normally considered a joke or as some sort of fetish. For example, there's a scene in Ghostbusters where Dan Aykroyd’s character, Ray, gets a blow job from a succubus (a female demon). But many people who've had sexual encounters with ghosts say it's not a joke, and in some situations, there's even "ghost rape."

But there are spectrophilia deniers out there, too. Many psychologists and other fancy-sounding experts who study this stuff say people who swear they got felt up by Casper the Ghost were actually victims of "sleep paralysis" instead, which is a condition that paralyzes the body after you wake up. Folks with "sleep paralysis" say they wake up with a feeling of "weight" being pressed down on them, similar to most ghost sex stories. Of course, if celebrities bragged about having "sleep paralysis," that'd be a lot less salacious and probably wouldn't get them any publicity or attention — and we all know that's what they really care about.

Anyway, curious to read some WTF stories? Check out the gallery below to read celebrities' craziest ghost sex stories.