Why Have A Plate Of Spaghetti & Meatballs When You Can STUFF The Meatball WITH Spaghetti?

Image Via YouTube/HellthyJunkFood

If you're in the mood for a light snack, why not indulge in this very NOT VEGAN, 3,175 calorie meatball stuffed with spaghetti? What? Were you thinking something more along the lines of a kale salad? Sorry, you're never going to find that suggestions coming out of, or going into, my mouth.

As an Italian-American, I'm cringing a little bit, but honestly there are still people who eat at OLIVE GARDEN, so f-ck you and your judgement. I think this recipe is innovative and problem solving. For example, say you didn't have a fork, but really wanted some spaghetti, you would use the meatball as a medium for shoveling the pasta into your mouth! You see? INN-O-VATIVE.

Of course this Frankenstein meatball was created by the culinary whackos over at HellthyJunkFood who I've become admittedly and steadily more obsessed with over the past few weeks. To think it all started with a basic pizza inside a burger INSIDE a pizza.

To be fair, Julia and JP said it didn't have to be GIANT but there was incident with a too much frozen spaghetti. See for yourself below! Ingredients included as well in case you're feeling brave!!


Netty's Meatballs—

Meat Sauce—

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