This Giant Mouse Trap Crushes Everything In Sight At 40 MPH

Image Via Instagram/TheBackyardScientist

Having lived in New York City for quite some time, I'm a little bit jaded when it comes to the mouse/rat community. I know they're there, they know I'm here—it is what it is. Don't bother me, I won't bother you (sort of like an ex-boyfriend).

No part of me feels inclined to kill these pesky little vermin, but I could definitely see why people would be afraid of them. Most of them are pretty ugly looking and are known to carry infectious disease, so as per the food chain, humans will inevitably use their wits to entrap and destroy. Although, to be fair, rats are incredibly bright, perhaps more so than even some humans...just sayin'.

Obviously this giant mouse trap was not used to harm ANY living creatures. The most life-like thing it gets tested on is a styrofoam human head and that hardly counts. I will say that it's ABSOLUTELY FRICKIN' AWESOME to watch in action. I actually wish the video had been longer, and I VERY rarely say that of anything trending on YouTube.

As Per The Backyard Scientist—"Every time I wound it up, something broke. Originally I built it to use garage door springs, but they were not strong enough. Once I switched to coil springs, stuff started breaking. First it was the bar, which bent, and needed corner enforcement's welded on. Then the 'axel' running down the center of the springs bent, so I needed to add hardware to counteract the winch pulling on it. Next, the springs themselves broke. I learned something about trying to weld tempered steel...it just creates stresses and the weld was much more brittle (harder) than the spring steel. I had to re-weld it and heat up the spring up to about 3 inches from the weld, this created a more gradual slope of hardness, so the spring bent where i welded instead of snapping. Then the bar bent in the middle, so I had to weld a 4' long 1" corner to it. Finally, the arms of the bar are flexing when I tighten the springs too much, but I think this is okay, for now!

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