Girl Deserves A Gold Medal For Her Witty Reply To A Guy Who Asked For Nude Pics

Image via Twitter/ReeseHebert

When texting a girl, guys always want to test their luck and see just how much they can get the girl to reveal—especially if/when the conversation takes a flirtatious tone.

But a teenager from Houston, Tx. named Reese Hebert isn't one to try and test—especially when it comes to asking for a couple raunchy pics—because she totally punked out the guy who did just that, sending him a gold medal reply when he got a little too personal.


According to the original story from Buzzfeed, Reese said that she spent about $20 for the umbrella hat, admitting that she had never used it up until this point.

A lot of girls might get mad when asked to send a naughty pic, but this girl showed that there's a clever way to put the guy in his place—and she did so fantastically.

H/T LADbible