Girl Gets Funny Letter From Lonely Neighbor After Having Sex Loud Enough To Cause Serious Jealousy

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I don't know a person on this planet who doesn't enjoy a nice, hard, loud romp session, as that's how sex is made to be done. Unfortunately, when you're not the one taking part in the action, it's not quite as enjoyable.

Take it from this person, who had to leave a note outside of her neighbor's door because, you guessed it, the resident inside was more than just a little bit loud while going to Pound Town.

At first, the note from the upset neighbor seems pretty calm. But, towards the middle, things get a little bit too deep, as he/she talks about how lonely they are in the most witty of ways.

While some may have been upset with the note, the girl having the good sex responded in kind, writing her own note of apology and even giving her lonely neighbor some chocolate to help eat away her sorrows of being single.

This type of stuff seems to happen all the time, so just remember that, if you're having some really good sex that causes you or your partner to scream louder than a fire alarm, you might want to go at it during the middle of the day when there's a lesser chance of anyone else being nearby.

H/T LADBible