Girl's Senior Picture Ruined By A Rogue Penis Spray-Painted Above Her Head

Image via Twitter

Remember when you were in high school and you had to go take your senior pictures? Yeah, it was miserable. I still remember hauling around about four different collared shirts and a couple pairs of shoes because my parents wanted the pics to "show my personality."

Needless to say, the entire 90 minutes was awkward, with the photographer having me stand in front of a mirrored wall, outside in the grass and, of course, in my suit and tie for the standard yearbook pic.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that senior pics are already awful enough, but when something unexpected happens to show up in one of them, it's even more messed up.

And that's what happened to poor Alexis Boatfield, who, after getting her senior pics back, was told about a certain piece of the male genitalia that was right above her head—in other words, a penis.

Taking to Twitter, Alexis described the image as a "big ass penis," later joking about all the newfound fame from the hilarious picture.

Damn you, rogue graffiti penis!

To help ease the pain of the little mishap, another girl tweeted out an image of herself with a similar situation—only this girl's had the penis coming out between her legs!

Whoever's doing all this penis spray painting might want to hold back, because precious senior pictures are being ruined—which, in reality, is only making everyone on the Internet laugh even more than usual.


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