Woman Secretly Tests Boyfriend's Loyalty With A Stranger (As She Watches The Whole Thing)

Image via YouTube

Every once in a while, we'll post videos from that insane TV show called To Catch a Cheater, which, in hindsight, is a terrible concept that shows a man and/or woman testing the loyalty of their significant other by putting him/her in precarious, sexual situations.

Talk about sad, right?

Anyway, a few of them have been extremely entertaining—like the one where the girl hired a porn star to hit on her guy, who turned the adult film star down as his lady watched. One of the more recent episodes is every bit as interesting, as the girlfriend tried setting her boyfriend up while he was at work to get a blow job from a very attractive stranger.

Good job, guy, you've passed the test by turning down oral sex—at least in our eyes!

Unfortunately, the guy's girlfriend wasn't as pleased with his performance. Although she does tell him "good job" after watching the video, she was less than thrilled that he didn't look the pleading woman in her eyes while denying the blow job—can a man not win!?!

While the guy, ultimately, did the right thing, he may have lost in the end—because, as the video discloses, the poor dude now has to travel to Modesto, Ca. to visit his lady's parents.


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