No Girlfriend? No Problem! 6 Body Pillows To Help Stifle The Loneliness

Now that the Internet has made human civilization lonelier than ever, many single guys who don't have the luxury of real-life companionship are turning to alternative methods — mainly, girlfriend pillows. There's been a rise of them over the past decade (with most of them coming from Japan, obviously), and now with virtual reality porn on the rise, a lot of lonely dudes out there are realizing they can get by on just a good imagination and a pillow shaped like a pair of breasts. Welcome to the future!

And it's more common than you think. Hell, in South Korea, a man married his girlfriend pillow. A friend quoted in the article said the man took his pillow girlfriend "everywhere," including the park, the fair, and even restaurants. And yeah, that probably sounds crazy and lulz-worthy, but according to a 2016 study, "lonely people" are more likely to see inanimate objects as "real people." Which makes sense why there's suddenly a surge in creepy cotton-filled girlfriends and boyfriends.

"The ability to perceive that people have minds capable of conscious thought (e.g., mind perception) has been identified as a close proxy of animacy," the researchers from the study wrote. "Considered in this light, our findings suggest that social disconnection may similarly influence the extent to which people engage in mental-state attribution."

So, in layman's terms, the more single, sad, and lonely you are, the more you're likely to see Kimiko the Anime Pillow as a real person, à la James Franco in 30 Rock. It could also just mean you're the type of guy who likes taking naps on pillows shaped like butts. Hey, we're not judging here.

From full-sized body pillows to ones shaped like womanly body parts, check out the gallery below to see all the girlfriend pillows available that are keeping dudes happy.