Girls Are 'Glittering' Their Butts In Latest Instagram Trend

When it comes to the glitter trend, no body part remains unsparkled. From roots, to eyebrows, to now booties! It looks like if one thing's for certain, it's that glitter is here to stay!

The queen of the glitter empire is Mia Kennington who despite calling herself a glitter creature, also happens to be a genuinely talented artist. Her creations are something out of a fantastical, hippie paradise. Think Alice in Wonderland meets an intensely colorful LSD-fueled fever dream.

Mia's business is called, The Gypsy Shrine, where you can purchase the jewels and glitter necessary for the booty bedazzling. Below you'll see one of those behinds in action. This one is perfectly titled, "Mermaid Tail."

We have a feeling that this trend is going to carry over into Coachella/festival season this year and to be honest, we're not complaining. To see more glittered booties and artwork from Mia, check out the gallery below!

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