15 Inked-Up Beauties Who Prove That Tattoos Are So Freakin' Sexy

We know some of y'all aren't too keen on girls with tattoos, but to that we say — to hell with you! Girls with tattoos are sexy, that's a fact! Turns out, a majority of the internet agrees with us. There's a ton of platforms showcasing gorgeous gals with ink.

There's Hot Girls With Tattoos an entire Instagram account dedicated to, well, hot girls with tattoos, that boasts a whopping one million freakin' followers. How about Tatts And Titties another account aptly name for its beautiful, inked-up women? That's definitely worth hitting that follow button for.


That's where we came across beauties like Valerie Cosette and Laurence Bédard who we're going to go ahead and give y'all a little preview of below. Don't worry, there's still a bunch more pictures below to indulge in!

Valerie is a Canadian dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty with 625k Instagram followers! Laurence, also Canadian is another inked up hottie — unfortunately she's got a man already. Bummer. Don't try anything funny either, guys. He's a big, tatted dude.

See what we're saying?! Pretty uh-mazing stuff, huh? Again, you don't have to have tattoos yourself to respect and appreciate quality art and design. Tattoos shouldn't continue to carry the same stigma they've had for year — tattoos don't make you trashy! Tattoos don't make you a criminal! Tattoos make you a stone cold fox! Own it!

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