The Top Destinations For Your Next Golf Trip (Because Who Doesn't Love A Little Getaway?)

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We're not saying that the sport of golf was invented solely for men to escape their day-to-day routines — or significant others — but, hey, we're definitely not saying it wasn't. After all, when it comes to spending time with buddies, what better way is there to do so then with a bunch of beer, some good ol' stogies and a round of 18+ holes? The golf course is the time for a man to be, well, a man. It's a sanctuary for all debauchery to occur... almost.


Since every man has a vesting interest in golf, we figured the proper thing to do would be to give those of you reading this some idea of the best destination spots to swing the sticks. You know, that ideal place where, for at least one weekend, you can sneak in a boys weekend for a few rounds, reliving your collegiate memories together.

With that in mind, here are three awesome golf getaways that won't require your significant other next to you, nagging you for some details about who knows what. Better yet, they won't have any idea about the dumb sh-t your friends and you are about to do at the 19th hole following some sun-soaked time on the course.

Myrtle Beach, SC

“Babe, read the pamphlet, over 100-plus golf courses of all shapes, difficulties and sizes. Look at the lakes, babe, we’re going to have such a nice nature hike on Sunday there.” That’s the type of B.S you feed your girl to get her off your back. Yeah, you can get it in with the $100 per person a day packages like the 54-hole Legends Golf Resort.

Oh, did we mention that Myrtle Beach also happens to be home to one of the best party scenes on the east coast? No? Well, we just did. Dance clubs, bars, lounges... Myrtle has it all. If there was ever a place to get loco under the guise of a golf trip, this is it.

Scottsdale, AZ

First off, you're in the middle of the desert! Seriously, who on earth can ever have a bad time when the sun is as hot as the desert? No one, that's who. Scottsdale is the absolute sh-t! Clubs, Bars, strip clubs… it's incredible. You name it, Scottsdale’s got it.

With a solid atmosphere and restaurants galore — seriously, from high-class to chains, Scottsdale hasn't met a restaurant it didn't like — the city's also lodged between two of the biggest party schools in America, Arizona State and University of Arizona. On top of that, there are over 200 golf courses in the area. We’re talking plush, green, perfect weather, light winds. There’s something for every man here.

San Jose/Jaco. Costa Rica

An international trip might be a bit harder to swing (pun definitely intended), but shooters F'in shoot, fellas, so don't have that be your excuse for not going! Costa Rica, surprisingly, is filled with lush golf courses from San Jose to Jaco Beach.

In addition to the courses, the place is full of beaches, too. In other words, you can spend your morning in the bunker, then spend the other half of your day on the surf covered beaches, so, either way, you’re in the sand!

The courses across Costa are particularly nice, with La Iguana Golf Course, near Jaco, a challenging course for even the most avid golfers. You’ll battle the elements, heavy winds, water traps everywhere and steep inclines across the course. San Jose offers about five different courses for golfers of all swag and types. Trust us, if there were ever a place to get your Tiger Woods on, Costa Rica is it.

Now you’re all set. Just remember to keep your social media game real light, communicate back to home base routinely, send flowers and take a blood oath with your boys — because what happens on your boys trips absolutely stays on your boys trip.

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