This Guy's Club Flip Might Just Be The Most Epic Golf Trick Shot We've Seen (Video)

Image Via Instagram/holein1trickshots

When it comes to golf trick shots, we've seen just about every single on the Internet has to offer. That said, this club flip featured on Joshua Kelley's Instagram page, holein1trickshots is by far one of the most impressive we've ever seen! The best part? This dude is so casual about it! As if every golfer just flips the club flawlessly before nailing the perfect shot. Man, some guys just know how to finesse the game, huh?

While we do think this video is freakin' awesome, we don't recommend that you try it at home. It's not deadly or anything like that, but we imagine a lesser man (read: uncoordinated AF) nailing himself in the privates with the club. Funny? Yes. Safe? No, not so much. Take a look!

See what we're saying, guys? How casual did he make that look? Some of us can't even hit the ball when it's on the F'in tee, let alone in midair. We do have to question, though, how many times do you think it took Josh to nail this shot? Surely he didn't execute the flip in the first take, right? We mean, this is Instagram after all, nothing is ever as it appears. Who knows? Maybe we're just projecting our jealousies over his mad skills! Josh, if you're reading this, nice job, bro! If it took you 100 times to land this trick, let us know, it'll make us feel about ourselves, OK? Thanks, man.

Lead Image Via Instagram/holein1trickshots

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