Google Earth Uncovers A Hidden Message Left By A Very Passive Aggressive Farmer

Image via Google Earth

Just because I've labeled this hidden message as passive aggressive, doesn't mean it's not hilarious, because it is! I 100% commend the writer for his creativity and patience. Why call your neighbor an a-hole to their face when you can mow it onto a lawn at an increased size so that it can be spotted by satellite? Thusly, informing the entire world (at least those with access to the internet) that you really, really don't like your neighbor.


According to Mashable — "If you zoom in on the satellite shot of Google Earth to a home in Sequim, Washington, you will see a hidden message cut into a field, directed towards another house." This isn't the first time Google Maps has uncovered surprising things on the platform, but it's by far the most entertaining and it's all thanks to one observant Reddit user, kingqueefsalot — yes, that's actually their handle. Ya just gotta love the internet, man. If nothing else, it's never boring.

At this time, the identity of the writer has yet to be discovered, but I would absolutely love to know when they came up with the idea and how they executed it. I've speculated a tractor, as the message was clearly written in some sort of field — presumably a farm. Then again, what do I know? My idea of nature is a rock in Central Park. Washington is technically the Pacific Northwest, also known as, no man's land to anyone living in the Tri-state.

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Lead image via Google Earth.