Google Maps Turns Into Classic Video Game With Epic Prank

Image Via Shutterstock

Google is a company widely known for their quirky antics. Don't believe me, go type "askew" into your Google search bar and you'll see what I mean.

For April Fool's Day, Google Maps has made it possible for their users to play Ms. Pac-Man. Which, is freakin' awesome, even if it's causing me a lot of distraction at work. I recognize that Google pulled the same stunt back in 2015, but frankly, a prank this good is worth doing more than once.

So how do you play? According to The Verge:

"Open up your Google Maps app and click on the pink button on the right. Unlike the Pac-Man integration from 2015’s prank, it doesn’t turn your current location into the game level. Instead, you’re taken to a random spot in the world and get five lives to outrun the ghosts. (Edit: some users are reporting that the iOS version lets you pick the map, while Android takes you to randomized spots.)"

I recommend waiting until your to-do list is finished before giving this a go, but hey, it's Friday. Do whatever you want!

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